28 сентября 2015 г.

Illustrated Spare Parts Catalogue

Illustrated Spare Parts Catalogue — Software for creating and publishing spare parts catalogs. It works closely with the PLM system.

It uses SQLite database, mORMot for client-server communication and ORM, and SynPDF for creating PDF.

In practice, there are three SQLite database: main (typical of about 10 MB), one for text blobs (100 MB), and one for pictures (20 GB). For this purpose, we use an external database feature of mORMot. For distributing interactive catalogues all SQLite databases may be merged in one.

Printing engine uses SynPDF for creating PDF files. Thanks to TPdfDocument.SaveToStreamDirectPageFlush — we can create really big PDF files. We have tested creating PDF file with the size of about 700 MB. Without the SaveToStreamDirectPageFlush there was thrown an EOutOfMemory exception.

Generated PDF sample: 078.505.9.0100.00.pdf.

A very useful feature of mORMot is the Enhanced logging, which can show stack trace with unit names and line numbers. Due to the low execution overhead of the logging, we keep them enabled for the production server.

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